The race for a clean and decarbonized energy sector in the Caribbean is on. And CREF is back.

Those who thought that Covid would cripple the region’s bid for clean energy and grid resilience have been proved wrong. But progress has inarguably slowed, and projects have been few and far between. The urgency, however, remains and is the fuel for CREF in two parts, one virtual and the other in-person.

First out of the gate was a restart-the-market Virtual CREF in October. Our objective? To relight the fire under clean energy investment across the Caribbean. Which markets are fast-tracking policy and regulation to support renewables? How has the past 18 months affected the appetite for risk among investors and finance providers? What does the project pipeline look like, and has there been a shift to DG? Did the nascent transition to clean transportation survive 2020? CREF 2021 provided the tools needed to re-enter the market.

Now, in April 2022, we invite you to join us at CREF in Miami. And we’ll meet in person, all of us, safely and for the first time since 2019. The focus? On inspiring action by bringing the market – the full ecosystem of policy-makers, regulators, utilities, investors, developers and financiers – together in an environment which encourages the market to meet, originate and transact. Expect a reconfigured agenda and a reconfigured meeting space all designed with one thought in mind: How do we get the energy transition over the finish line?

Sandwiched between the two events, CREF season will be in full swing. We’ll be inviting you to join us for numerous webinars and workshops designed to keep you up-to-speed and informed on all the trends driving the market.

The race is on. We’re in it for the long run. Join us.