Dionne Nugent

Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS)
Director, Business Development

Miss Dionne Nugent, a registered Professional Engineer, currently holds the position of  Director – Business Development (PMO) in the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS)  Limited.  

In her over 25 years with JPS, Dionne has had several engineering leadership roles in various  capacities including Head of Engineering and Head of Generation Special Projects. In her  tenure she has held leadership roles in the introduction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to  JPS’ Generation Fleet, the negotiation of over 300MW of power purchase agreements for  several renewable/thermal energy projects and the development of technical policies for the  integration of Renewable Generation to the Transmission and Distribution grid.  

In November 2017 she was appointed a Director in the newly formed Business Development  division, where she currently leads a cross-functional team in the development of ‘distributed  generation’ solutions including Combined Heat and Power solutions, Utility Scale and  Customer Sited Renewables projects and Energy Efficiency services. The development of  Electric Vehicle infrastructure (e.g. utility owned charging stations) is the most recent addition  to the suite of initiatives under her leadership.