As new technologies, thorny geopolitical challenges, and complex funding mechanisms sweep Latin America and the Caribbean, the need for professional development has never been greater.

At New Energy, we offer tailor-made training programs that address that growing need and facilitate stakeholder education, foster peer connections, and optimize performance in the workplace.

Our programs are crafted to support a diverse group of professionals—including government officials, utility companies, project developers, investors, financiers, and other key decision-makers—on their journey toward achieving their objectives in clean energy and decarbonization.

Our curriculum bridges knowledge gaps in critical areas such as:
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Project Planning and Development
  • Technological Insights
  • Financial Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Grid Integration
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Safety
Our courses empower participants by:
  • Equipping them with new skills and sector-specific knowledge
  • Elevating stakeholder productivity
  • Offering a secure space for the exchange of ideas, and the development of tailored pilots and proposals

Drawing on over a decade of expertise in agenda-setting, intelligence collection, program development, and strategic networking, New Energy has successfully conducted training sessions for organizations such as the US Department of Energy and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Examples of previous training courses include:

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