Sean Hinds

Radiant Energy Ltd

Sean Hinds is a social entrepreneur with a passion for renewable energy technology, a focus on objectivity and informed decision making, and a default for acting with integrity and ingenuity. He’s spent the past five years evangelizing the local and regional shift to decentralizing energy within a globalized context. A result-oriented and proactive professional, Sean is a calculated risk-taker with extensive experience in renewable energy project development. This work has ranged from running his own residential and commercial solar sales and marketing firm, to utility-scale project development sales and finance (principally solar PV projects), enabling the mass deployment of utility and distributed generation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia Pacific as well as Canada. This experience has permitted Sean to understand the different challenges that accompany different grid requirements, legislative and statutory restrictions, and varying business models. He is regularly invited to participate as a speaker on energy microgrids in the Caribbean, most recently as a panelist to the Renewable Energy Congress, Central America and the Caribbean, RECAM to discuss Caribbean islands and their potential for sustainability. Sean holds a joint major in Law and Economics from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. He is an Energy Manager in Training (EMIT) and is pursuing his accreditation as an Energy Risk Professional (ERP). He has worked in both the public and private sectors as well as in various public-private partnerships and is now interested in applying his skills and knowledge to energy policy and advocacy.