Wednesday, April 24th

Announcing CREF+ Focus Sessions. Taking place on April 24th before CREF opens its main stage, CREF+ Focus Sessions enable a deeper dive into key themes and markets, as well as highly focused networking opportunities.

CREF+ Focus Sessions include:

Caribbean Project Preparation Focus Session: Building Finance Ready Projects

Join us for a dynamic workshop aimed at boosting the bankability of renewable energy projects in the Caribbean region. This intensive session will equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of project financing, risk mitigation, and stakeholder engagement.

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Dominican Republic Focus Session: Region-Leading Clean Energy Revolution

Nowhere in the region has seen faster growth or more investment in the clean energy transition than the Dominican Republic. Gathering public and private sector leaders, this dedicated workshop will provide critical insight and guidance on new regulatory policies, updates to the PPA bidding process, and the outlook for the pipeline for utility scale renewable energy projects.

  • The DR Focus Session will track current market players, installations, and dynamics, and discuss opportunities on the horizon
  • Additionally, industry players will consider the experiences and challenges facing small scale producers and DG and showcase emerging opportunities in this space

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2nd Hydrogen Summit for the Caribbean (H2-Caribbean 2024)

The launch of a H2-Caribbean in 2023 saw a sell-out crowd and a packed house. H2-Caribbean 2024 will again gather upstream and downstream players to explore the viability and potential of green hydrogen to bolster and transform regional economies.

The big question on the table: can we look to regionally-produced green hydrogen to ensure energy security in the Caribbean and move away from the import of fossil fuels?

What are the Caribbean’s competitive advantages? How will we produce H2 and at what cost? Is there a regional market for Caribbean H2 and what infrastructure do we need to store and distribute it? What is the price tag and who will pick it up?

Ultimately: can we build a decarbonizing, economy-lifting, competitiveness-driving industry for the region?

Participants will include Caribbean policy-makers, utility CEOs, development banks, and leading H2 industry experts and investors.

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