Wednesday, April 24, 2024 – Pre-CREF

2nd Hydrogen Summit for the Caribbean (H2-Caribbean 2024)

The launch of H2-Caribbean at CREF 2023 saw a sell-out crowd and a packed house. H2-Caribbean 2024 will again gather upstream and downstream players to explore the viability and potential of green hydrogen to bolster and transform regional economies.

The big question on the table: can we look to regionally-produced green hydrogen to ensure energy security in the Caribbean and move away from the import of fossil fuels?

What are the Caribbean’s competitive advantages? How will we produce H2 and at what cost? Is there a regional market for Caribbean H2 and what infrastructure do we need to store and distribute it? What is the price tag and who will pick it up? 

Ultimately: can we build a decarbonizing, economy-lifting, competitiveness-driving industry for the region?

Participants will include Caribbean policy-makers, utility CEOs, development banks, and leading H2 industry experts and investors.

How to Register

H2-Caribbean will take place before the CREF main event at the JW Marriott Marquis on April 24 from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. It is an optional, additional registration item. It is complimentary for all senior Caribbean government officials who should contact us to receive a code to apply to the online registration for 2024. For all other attendees, the incremental fee to attend H2-Caribbean is $475. You will be provided with the option to register for it when you register for CREF.

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H2-Caribbean is conceived as a vital conversation between regional stakeholders and hydrogen industry leaders to explore the viability of a hydrogen economy in the Caribbean. Adopting a roundtable format, and with discussion leaders introducing each element of the Summit, all participants will be invited to provide their perspective. 

You are invited to join us and contribute to a critical discussion which will shape the national and regional approach to the production and use of hydrogen in the Caribbean.

2:00 pm – Opening Remarks 

Francisca Salas, Hydrogen Program Director, New Energy Events

2:05 pm – Green Hydrogen Progress in the Caribbean: A Year in Review

A comprehensive overview of the advancements and developments in the green hydrogen industry over the past year. We will explore the progress made during the year, examine the evolving landscape of the market, assess the viability and credibility of a green hydrogen market in the Caribbean region, and discuss the potential benefits of adopting a regional approach to secure reliable energy for the islands

  • Examining progress and lessons learned in Trinidad & Tobago, the only Caribbean country to publish a Hydrogen Strategy,  
  • What do we need from our regulators to catalyze a green hydrogen industry in our region?
  • Should the Caribbean follow a regional certification scheme or will each island create its own?

Hon. Marsha Caddle M.P., Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology (MIST), Government of Barbados

Hon. Dr. Vince Henderson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Business, Trade and Energy, Commonwealth of Dominica

Vernon Paltoo, President, National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

Christiaan Gischler, Lead Energy Specialist, Inter-American Developement Bank, Moderator

2:50 pm Project Showcase Session: Renewstable Barbados (RSB)

The joint venture between HDF and RUBIS, located in Barbados, will supply energy to 16.000 inhabitants by producing 16 MW of power from solar and green hydrogen, giving stability to the grid and independence from expensive fuel imports. Last year GCF funded the project to the tune of U$41 Million, the first green hydrogen project supported in the region by the GCF. 

  • How replicable is the project? 
  • What are the standout financial and technical features of the project?
  • What was the roadmap to financing and what ensured its bankability?

Thibault Menage, Vice President Caribbean, HDF Energy

3:10 pm – Coffee Break and Networking

3:30 pm Caribbean Geothermal and Offshore Wind: The Power to Scale up Hydrogen

Geothermal is well positioned to power the Caribbean hydrogen production process. Last year the Government of Dominica signed an agreement to develop a geothermal plant for local energy consumption and green hydrogen and derivatives for export. Nevis authorities are also looking at a similar model. On the other hand, the synergy between offshore wind energy and hydrogen production is clear. This session explores the transformational potential of offshore wind power as a catalyst for scaling up hydrogen production. 

  • Do the economics of geothermal and OffShore wind for green hydrogen in the Caribbean make the cut?
  • How significant are the infrastructure and construction challenges and, related, what would a viable timeframe look like?
  • Assessing the economics, infrastructure and construction challenges, reasonable timelines and overall viability 

Albert Gordon, General Manager, NEVLEC

Philip Julien, Founder and Chairman, Kenesjay Green Limited

Benjamin Maluenda Philippi, Origination and Consulting Lead, Blue Power Partners

Milaika Capella Ras, General Manager, Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA), Moderator

4:30 pm The European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM): Implications for The Caribbean

The European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) represents a pivotal shift in global trade and environmental policy. This mechanism aims to level the playing field by pricing carbon emissions associated with goods entering Europe – including hydrogen. A representative from the European Commission will provide an in-depth explanation of how the CBAM operates, providing clarity on the mechanism’s structure, principles, and objectives. We will also explore the potential challenges and adjustments that regional exporters may face in light of this new policy.

Luca Trinchieri, Team Leader – Green Deal Partnership with the Caribbean, European Union

4:50 pm – Enabling Hydrogen in the Caribbean: Defining a Role for Donors and Multilaterals

This session will explore the technical assistance and financial mechanisms that are, and could, be provided by donors and multilateral organizations to catalyze the hydrogen market in the Caribbean.

  • Are all donor organizations behind the concept of a green hydrogen market in the Caribbean? Where do perspectives diverge and where do they align?
  • How can we foster donor cooperation and a collegiate approach to H2?
  • What types of funding and support is available to support countries and developers?

Roberto Aiello, Principal Regional Energy Specialist, Inter-American Devlopment Bank

Alejandro Pérez, Senior Investment Officer, IFC

Chris Straughn, Sustainable Energy Specialist, Caribbean Development Bank

Yunyeong Yang, Climate Investment Specialist, Green Climate Fund

Racquel Moses, CEO, Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator, Moderator

5:40 pm The Wrap: Takes Aways and Action Items

Participants, on stage and off, will be engaged in a dynamic discussion that synthesizes the main takeaways from the day’s proceedings. The goal is to highlight the most promising opportunities and practical steps that can be taken to foster a sustainable and economically viable green hydrogen sector in the Caribbean.

Key elements of this session include:

  • Identifying Actionable Steps: Focusing on realistic and immediate actions that stakeholders can undertake to accelerate the transition to a green hydrogen economy.
  • Establishing Collaborative Networks: Encouraging partnerships and collaborations among governments, private sectors, and communities to ensure a cohesive approach.
  • Setting Goals and Milestones: Outlining clear, achievable goals and setting milestones to track the progress of the green hydrogen initiative in the region.

Participants will leave with a clear roadmap and a sense of commitment to actively participate in the roll out of a scalable green hydrogen market in the Caribbean.

Racquel Moses, CEO, Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator, Moderator

Joseph Williams, Coordinator – Sustainbale Energy, Caribbean Development Bank, Moderator

6:00 pm – Closing Remarks