The 5th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF) took place virtually from March 24-26.

As Caribbean nations look to a post-Covid future, stakeholders from the public and private sectors seek a clear path to recovery and rebuild. Despite the fiscal and operational challenges created by the pandemic, there is a generational opportunity to build back better, with an increased focus on resilience, innovation and creative funding solutions.

More than ever, the region’s infrastructure market needed a meeting place, a venue to pollinate ideas, to originate projects, and source financing. Now, in its 5th year and firmly established as the go-to regional infrastructure event, the market needed CARIF.


  • Dr. Lisa Indar

    Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)
    Director, Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control Division

  • Wayne Dass

    Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS)

  • Dr. Joy St. John

    CARPHA, Caribbean Public Health Agency
    Executive Director

  • Bruce Levy

    BMR Energy

  • Michelle Ottey

    International Finance Corporation
    Senior Investment Officer

  • Dr. Justin Ram

    Justin Ram Advisory Services