Dr. Lisa Indar

Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)
Director, Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control Division

Dr. Indar is an innovative public health scientist specializing in infectious diseases, travellers health, and food safety. She has 18 years regional and international experience in in managing and executing regional public health surveillance and response programs; with robust leadership, multidisciplinary technical expertise (epidemiology, microbiology,  food safety, environmental health), health diplomacy, communications, implementation, capacity building, resource mobilization,  She has a PHD (with high commendation), MSc (Distinction) and a BSc (Honors). 


Dr. Indar is the Director of Surveillance Diseases Prevention and Control Division at CARPHA, responsible for directing, coordinating and managing public health surveillance and response activities related to conditions of regional and international importance. She is currently   the technical lead for CARPHA’s, comprehensive, multi-facted regional health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, working with CARICOM, Heads of Government, Agencies, international, regional and national multisectoral stakeholders to keep the Caribbean safe and promote a safe economic recovery . Dr. Indar also leads the Regional Tourism and Health (THP), an innovative program that is addressing the health, safety and environmental sanitation  threats to tourism, with the aim of strengthening regional and national health systems to enhance the health of visitors and locals and thereby promote sustainable tourism and economic resilience .  Recently, under Dr. Indar’s guidance, regional guidelines for resuming travel to the Caribbean and a comprehensive package of Proactive COVID-19 tourism measures to build assurance among the travellers that the Caribbean is a healthier safer choice as travel resumes were developed. 


The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is the sole integrated regional public health agency in the Caribbean, responsible for preventing disease, promoting, and protecting health in the Caribbean through leadership innovation and partnerships. CARPHA serves 26 member countries and is currently leading the Caribbean’s health response for the COVID-19 pandemic.