As Caribbean nations look to a post-Covid future, stakeholders from the public and private sectors seek a clear path to recovery and rebuild. Despite the fiscal and operational challenges created by the pandemic, there is a generational opportunity to build back better, with an increased focus on resilience, innovation and creative funding solutions.

Now, more than ever, the region’s infrastructure market needs a meeting place, a venue to pollinate ideas, to originate projects, and source financing. Now, in its 5th year and firmly established as the go-to regional infrastructure event, the market needs CARIF.

Join us at CARIF 2021 Virtual and bring your perspective and leadership to the critical issues impacting the future of infrastructure in the Caribbean.


  • Dr. Lisa Indar

    Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)
    Director, Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control Division

  • Wayne Dass

    Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS)

  • Dr. Joy St. John

    CARPHA, Caribbean Public Health Agency
    Executive Director

  • Bruce Levy

    BMR Energy

  • Michelle Ottey

    International Finance Corporation
    Senior Investment Officer

  • Dr. Justin Ram

    Justin Ram Advisory Services | Caribbean Development Bank
    CEO | Former Director of Economics