8th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum

Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove
  Miami  Florida

The 8th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF) will host regional government and utility leaders, developers, project sponsors, and financiers in Miami on September 24th & 25th.

CARIF 2024 arrives at a pivotal moment for the Caribbean. The pandemic is in the rear view mirror - although the economic impact lingers. Meanwhile, a rapidly-changing climate presents myriad challenges. At CARIF 2024, we’ll gather the spectrum of market participants to explore a multi-sectoral view of opportunities to develop and invest in the resilient and sustainable infrastructure the region needs. What are the infrastructure priorities of island governments and how are they being implemented? How can investors and financiers engage with these initiatives?

We’ll gather and hear from all corners of the market. Are governments doing enough to develop robust and holistic long-term goals? And who is tendering, bidding, procuring, investing, financing and building the next generation of infrastructure across the Caribbean?

More than ever, the region’s infrastructure market needs a meeting place, a venue to pollinate ideas, originate projects, and source financing. Now, in its 8th year, and firmly established as the go-to regional infrastructure conference, the market needs CARIF.


  • Hon. Johany S. “Jay” Ebanks

    Cayman Islands Government
    Minister for Planning, Agriculture, Housing, Infrastructure, Transport & Development

  • Lilia Burunciuc

    World Bank
    Director for Caribbean Countries

  • Richard Threlfall

    KPMG International
    Global Head of Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare (IGH)

  • Joseph Cox

    Assistant Secretary-General, Economic Integration, Innovation and Development

  • J. Tarik Christopher

    Government of Bermuda
    Acting Chief Engineer, Ministry of Public Works

  • Kelli-Dawn Hamilton

    Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Adam Carter

    CIBC Caribbean
    Managing Director & Head, Investment Banking, Forex and Derivative Sales

  • Sam Story

    KPMG Islands Group, KPMG
    Head of Infrastructure and Government

  • Dustin Delany

    Dentons Delany
    Chair and Chief Managing Partner

  • Jan Fomferra

    Global Ports Holding
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Shomari Scott

    Health City Cayman Islands
    Chief Business Officer

  • Zilta George-Leslie

    St. Lucia Water & Sewerage Company Inc, (WASCO)
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Arnaud van Dijk

    KPMG Islands Group, KPMG
    Partner | Deputy Head of ESG

  • Victoria Miles

    ImpactA Global
    Founding Partner, Co-CEO and CIO

  • Darwin Telemaque

    Port Management Association of the Caribbean | Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority
    Chairman | Port Manager

  • Scott Pearman

    Bermuda Hospitals Board
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jeremy Superfine

    Orchid Development
    Chief Operations Officer

  • Michelle Ottey

    Caribbean Hub Lead and Senior Investment Officer, PPP Transaction Advisory


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