Day 1 – July 17

Chile Geothermal Investment Workshop
Argentina Geothermal Investment Workshop
Using Climate Finance for Geothermal Development: Part 1
Using Climate Finance for Geothermal Development: Part 2
Can Small-Scale Geothermal be Successful in Isolated Grid Situations?
Does the Direct Use of Geothermal Make Sound Technical and Economic Sense for Latin America?

Day 1 – July 18

Market Spotlight: Colombia
The Current Power Surge in the Geothermal Industry
TAF Workshop – Welcoming Comments
TAF Workshop – Overview of the Geothermal Development Facility for Latin America (GDFLA)
TAF Workshop – Perspective on the Geothermal Roundtable and Transferable Experience for other LAC Countries
TAF Workshop – Is the Huge Potential for Positive Social Impact from Direct Use Application the Diamond in the Rough for Geothermal?
Social Aspects for Geothermal Energy Project Development: The Experience of Chile
Costa Rica: 25 Years of Geothermal Energy and Future Expectations
Developing Synergies Between Geothermal and the Mining Sector
Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador: Can Geothermal Compete with Natural Gas?