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Can geothermal flourish in a post Covid-19 Latin America?

From the Front-Line: Caribbean Corporate Leaders on the Impacts of Covid-19

Join Republic Bank and New Energy Events for a webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on leading Caribbean corporates.

Gathering leading figures from the hospitality, travel, sports, finance and real estate sectors, we ask questions such as how has Covid-19 impacted day-to-day operations and prospects for growth in the short and long-term? Are regional policy-makers and multilaterals stepping up to protect businesses and workforces? What more needs to be done?

Puerto Rico: Bracing for Hurricane Season

Join us for a webinar with key stakeholders who get together to discuss current preparations for Puerto Rico’s fast-approaching hurricane season, including efforts to bring the Costa Sur plant back online, and the implications of Covid-19 and a potentially heavy hurricane season.

We ask critical questions such as how are preparations for hurricane season shaping up and are we better prepared than in previous years? How concerned should we be about the loss of generation from the Costa Sur plant? Will Covid-19 or the prospect of a heavy hurricane season impact the T&D concessionaire contract?

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Covid-19 & Investment in Caribbean Infrastructure

On Thursday, May 14th, we hosted a webinar to explore how Covid-19 is re-shaping the need for infrastructure investment in the Caribbean, and our ability to finance it.

Gathering leading figures from the regional and international infrastructure community, we asked questions such as how does Covid-19 re-shape our view on investment in airports, ports and other tourism-related infrastructure? Where are we going to find the capital to fund vital infrastructure investment? Do we need to find a way to mainstream PPPs?

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Women in Caribbean Energy | Working in Disruption

Join us for the first Women in Energy | Caribbean webinar!

Hear from an all-female panel of Caribbean energy leaders on how they are navigating Covid-19 related challenges to their industry and work-from-home life. We covered a range of topics including how is working from home shifting the way we do business? What are the short-term and mid-term impacts to the Caribbean clean energy industry? Where are the new risks? New opportunities?

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Puerto Rico & COVID-19: Impact on the Grid

Join us for a webinar as we discuss how Covid-19 is impacting Puerto Rico’s energy market, implications for utility customers, and what this means for the future of the island’s grid.

Hear from leaders from PREPA, PIA-PR and PRMA as they answer critical questions such as how are shifts in electricity demand impacting the grid and the utility? What are the implications of falling revenue for PREPA as COVID-19 hits the economy? How will COVID-19 impact progress for PR’s energy market (e.g., RSA hearings, benchmarks for Act 17, award of T&D concession)?

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How Covid-19 is impacting the Caribbean

Join us for an online meeting where we ask Caribbean leaders to update us on latest Coronavirus developments, and how the spread of the disease will impact electricity markets across the region. 

Hear from leaders based in Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Jamaica on how Covid-19 is changing their economies – short term and long term.

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State of Play: Puerto Rico’s Grid

The 3rd Puerto Rico Grid Revitalization Forum (PR-GRID 2020) comes at a pivotal moment for Puerto Rico’s energy market. In the lead-up to this event, join us for a webinar as we take stock of the many moving parts, and assess the viability of programs and projects currently underway.

Join our expert panel as they answer critical questions such as how have the earthquakes changed planning, if at all? What are PREPA’s plans to replace lost generation? What is the current sentiment among the corporate and municipal community?

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What’s driving investment in infrastructure in the Caribbean?

Across the Caribbean, the deal pipeline is deep and the need – and the opportunity – for investment is significant. To set the stage for the 4th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF), join us for a complimentary webinar as we identify emerging sectors, pinpoint hot markets, and explore the trends that are shaping the deployment of capital across the region.

Hear from an expert panel as they answer questions such as what tenders and RFPs are we looking out for in 2020? Who is financing infrastructure projects across the region? Are PPPs now mainstreaming in the Caribbean? What’s moving the market in the CARIF host country, Jamaica?

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Dominican Republic: Roadmap to an Ambitious Energy Transition

In the build-up to the Dominican Republic Grid Investment Forum (DR-GRID, December 4, Santo Domingo), join us for a webinar as we explore the landscape for investment in clean energy in the Dominican Republic.

Hear from an expert panel as they answer critical questions such as what is the status of the concessions awarded as part of the recent tender? Is the regulatory environment sufficiently robust to attract the level of investment required? Who is financing projects in the DR? What structures and on what terms? How does natural gas fit into the picture? Does e-mobility have a role to play in the transition? Which organizations are leading the charge, and how?

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