The 3rd Puerto Rico Grid Revitalization & Investment Forum (PR-GRID 2020) went virtual for 2020!

With Act 17, Puerto Rico’s legislature made its ambitions clear: 40% renewables by 2025, and 100% by 2050. But how do we get there, and do those goals mesh with the long-awaited Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), and with continued investment in natural gas?

Other variables—the newly awarded T&D concession, the federal funding wildcard, and the bondholders’ RSA—contribute to a sense of opportunity, but also uncertainty.

PR-GRID Virtual took place against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, the earthquakes that seriously damaged several Puerto Rican generation assets in January 2020, and the onset of hurricane season. How will those crises—and the underlying need for resilience—shape the progress of energy planning in Puerto Rico?

Co-hosted by the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA), PR-GRID Virtual gathered the market to chart a course to fulfilling the objectives of Act 17, explore the implications of the IRP for investors and consumers, and seek clarity on the broad range of issues impacting the future of investment in Puerto Rico’s grid.