Fernando Padilla

Director of the Project Management Office

Member of PREPAs Restructuring team since 2014, as former Fiscal Agent for PREPA and Ports Authority. Participated in Steering committee and development of 2015 PREPA Integrated resource plan, which lead to the business model for a transformed infrastructure vision of the utility.

Joined PREPA in 2017, as Restructuring and Fiscal Affairs advisor for the Executive Director leading strategy in coordination with stakeholders to produce PREPAs Fiscal Plan, securing key contract to continue uninterrupted utility operation and PREPA creditor liaison during transition phases of Restructuring Advisors.

Appointed PREPA Project Management Officer (PMO) in August 2017 to secure the implementation and execution of the projects enclosed in the Fiscal Plan, most recently working as the PREPA liaison on the Joint Force Unit in coordination with FEMA, US Army Corp of Engineers, and PREPA Emergency Management to restore infrastructure and operations post devastation of Hurricane Maria.