Haiti Announces RFQs & Confirms Delegation at CREF

The organizers of CREF are pleased to welcome Nicolas Darius Allien, responsible for the energy sector in the Haitian government, and Evenson Calixte, head of the national regulator, and other leading Haitian stakeholders to the CREF agenda in 2019. The Haiti delegation will walk CREF delegates through Haiti’s recently announced RFQs, as well as broader energy sector needs and opportunities.
The first of the RFQs is for a 20-year concession to operate the Miragoane microgrid comprising 7 cities and up to 65,000 customers. The concession will, potentially, see the construction of a 6 MW solar PV plant and a 25.5 MW LNG plant. Information on this, and on the other RFQs, can be found in the New Energy Events news feed.