COO of OPIC, John Morton, imparts importance of clean energy in the Caribbean

In a recent blog post on the US State Department Website, John Morton, COO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), details the importance of energy security and clean energy in the Caribbean region.

Having recently signed a $43 million loan agreement with WRB Enterprises (CREF 2015 Gold Sponsor) for the construction of a 20 MW solar field, Morton is on the front line as the Caribbean progresses to the use of more clean energy.

“As part of (our) initiative, OPIC is dedicating resources to the Caribbean to help facilitate loans to unlock the supply of private sector capital for new projects,” says Morton.

clean energy in the Caribbean

OPIC has long been an active partner in CREF and we look forward to once again welcoming Lynn Tabernacki to CREF 2015, where she will moderate a substantial session on private equity.

Read the full blog here.