State of Play: Puerto Rico’s Grid

The 3rd Puerto Rico Grid Revitalization Forum (PR-GRID 2020) comes at a pivotal moment for Puerto Rico’s energy market. In the lead-up to this event, join us for a webinar as we take stock of the many moving parts, and assess the viability of programs and projects currently underway.

Join our expert panel as they answer critical questions such as how have the earthquakes changed planning, if at all? What are PREPA’s plans to replace lost generation? What is the current sentiment among the corporate and municipal community?

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What’s driving investment in infrastructure in the Caribbean?

Across the Caribbean, the deal pipeline is deep and the need – and the opportunity – for investment is significant. To set the stage for the 4th Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF), join us for a complimentary webinar as we identify emerging sectors, pinpoint hot markets, and explore the trends that are shaping the deployment of capital across the region.

Hear from an expert panel as they answer questions such as what tenders and RFPs are we looking out for in 2020? Who is financing infrastructure projects across the region? Are PPPs now mainstreaming in the Caribbean? What’s moving the market in the CARIF host country, Jamaica?

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Dominican Republic: Roadmap to an Ambitious Energy Transition

In the build-up to the Dominican Republic Grid Investment Forum (DR-GRID, December 4, Santo Domingo), join us for a webinar as we explore the landscape for investment in clean energy in the Dominican Republic.

Hear from an expert panel as they answer critical questions such as what is the status of the concessions awarded as part of the recent tender? Is the regulatory environment sufficiently robust to attract the level of investment required? Who is financing projects in the DR? What structures and on what terms? How does natural gas fit into the picture? Does e-mobility have a role to play in the transition? Which organizations are leading the charge, and how?

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The future of the Blue Economy in the Caribbean: From promise to projects

In the lead-up to the 2nd Blue Economy Caribbean (BEC 2019), hear from our expert panel as they discuss the prospect of a robust Blue Economy in the region.

Webinar topics include how can we speed up the implementation of projects? From a policy perspective, what is working, what isn’t, and how can we do more? What financing strategies are the most promising Who’s making progress in the region, and how can it be replicated?

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Caribbean Clean Energy: Taking the Regional Pulse

As we warm-up for CREF 2019, New Energy Events hosted a complimentary webinar on Thursday, September 12 on clean energy markets in the Caribbean.

The discussion provided insights such as which islands are transitioning most rapidly to clean and resilient energy systems? What trends are driving deal flow? What were the standout projects of the last 12 months? How deep is the current pipeline and which projects do our panelists have their eyes on?

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The Changing Face of Resilience on Island Grids?

As we prepare for CREF 2019, and for the 2nd Island Resiliency Action Challenge, New Energy Events hosted complimentary webinar on the changing face of resiliency in the Caribbean on July 16, 2019. Listen to the webinar here.

The discussion, which will also featured the Hawaiian perspective on resiliency, covered critical issues such as what has come out of the focus on resiliency post-Irma and Maria? Are grids stronger? What has changed, and where? Is there – should there be – a shift in focus from operational resilience to the economic resilience of grids and the utilities which manage them?

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Geothermal in the Southern Cone: The New Frontier?

In the build-up to the 2019 Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean, we invite you to join us for a complimentary webinar focused on the future for geothermal in Chile and Argentina.

Despite the existence of a substantial resource in both countries, only one project – Cerro Pabellon in Chile – has made it to market. Both governments, however, are placing a new emphasis on geothermal in their resource planning.

How is that emphasis reflected in policy?
What are the terms of engagement for private sector investors?
How active are the DFIs and what programs are available to support the public and private sector in both markets?
Is there a future for direct use geothermal?

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— Laura Berman, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank
— Jerónimo Carcelén – President, Geothermal Council of Chile (Moderator)
— Christiaan Gischler Blanco, Inter-American Development Bank, Senior Energy Specialist
— Gabriel Prudencio Flaño, Ministry of Energy – Chile, Head of Sustainable Energies Division
— Francisco José Martiínez-Conde Del Campo, Ministry of Energy, Chile, Head of Regulatory Support Unit, Sustainable Energies Division
— Gastón Siroit, Secretariat of Energy – Argentina, Director of Resources and Technology

Which Geothermal Markets will Break Through in 2019?

In this webinar, we explore, on a world stage, which geothermal markets are poised to break through in 2019. What can we expect from countries that have led the pack in recent years e.g. Indonesia and Turkey? Mexico was talk of the town in 2018; what are prospects for geothermal under AMLO? Will Ethiopia join Kenya at the forefront of geothermal development in Africa this year? What of Latin America where governmental support in, among others, Chile, Argentina and Colombia is cause for optimism among industry-watchers? Will direct uses of geothermal, e.g. district heating, help geothermal turn the corner?

Webinar panelists:
– Thrainn Fridriksson, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank
– Christiaan Gischler, Lead Energy Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank
– Michelle Ramirez, Senior Consultant, CMS Woodhouse Lorente Ludlow
– Alexander Richter, Founder & Principal, ThinkGeoEnergy | President, IGA (Moderator)

Watch the Webinar: One year on – is the Caribbean energy sector more resilient?

To set the stage for the 10th Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF 2018) on November 7-9 in Miami, New Energy Events gathered experts from the region to assess the realities of creating a resilient energy sector in the Caribbean.

The webinar “One year on: Is the Caribbean energy sector more resilient?” was held on October 4, 2018.

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Webinar topics include:
–12 months on, have we seen meaningful action to harden infrastructure and make regional grids more resilient?
–Where, and with what lessons learned?
–How has utility thinking on resiliency evolved?
–Is the financing landscape shifting as new sources of climate funding flow into the region?
–How is the emphasis on resiliency impacting project costs and bankability?

Webinar panelists:
–Gillian Charles-Gollop, Executive Director, Corporate Finance & Advisory, CIBC FirstCaribbean
–Bruce Levy, CEO, BMR Energy
–Neha Mukhi, Senior Climate Change Specialist, World Bank
–Murray Skeete, Vice President of Engineering and Regulation, WRB Energy
–Matthew Perks, CEO, New Energy Events (Moderator) 

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