Webinar: Panama and El Salvador ministers of energy discuss energy efficiency

From our Editorial Team

Watch The World Bank’s complimentary webinar “A Roadmap to Investment in Energy Efficiency in Central America” held on Friday, November 17. This webinar sets the stage for the inaugural Central American Energy Efficiency forum – América Central Eficiente – in Panama later this month (November 29-30).

Watch the webinar here.

Webinar Panelists:

  • Hon. Victor Carlos Urrutia, Secretary of Energy, Panama
  • Hon. Luis Roberto Reyes Fabián, Executive Secretary, National Energy Council of El Salvador
  • Mariano González, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank


  • What opportunities are emerging for private sector investment in energy efficiency projects across Central America?
  • What successes can we point to date in terms of landmark energy efficiency projects and programs across the region?
  • Which governments are taking the lead in terms of promoting energy efficiency?
  • What is the Panama and El Salvador experience to date?

For more information on the Central American Energy Efficiency Forum – América Central Eficiente – please visit the event hub.