Nicaragua takes steps to build distributed energy market

Enatrel, Nicaragua’s state-owned grid operator is conducting a feasibility study for small-sized solar PV and wind power systems. Once assessed, the next steps will be installation of distributed generation for residential, commercial, industrial and government buildings. According to Enatrel, these installations will be able to sell excess power to the local grid. The government is […]

Chile’s transit system to be powered by renewable energy

Chile’s capital city is set to become home to one of the first subways in the world to source a majority of its power needs from renewable energy. Metro de Santiago, Latin America’s second largest subway system, will source 60 per cent of its energy from solar and wind projects. In a statement Metro de […]

4.1MW wave power project coming to Mexico

Upon receiving interconnection approval from Mexico National Energy Control Centre, Israel’s Eco Wave Power has revealed plans to build a 4.1MW project in Mexico’s Manzanillo Port – the first of its kind for Mexico. The 4.1MW project will be located in the Cuyutlán-Tepalcates beach area of Manzanillo in Colima state. Eco Wave Power has already completed […]

Nicaragua’s San Jacinto geothermal plant drilling additional wells

Polaris Energy Nicaragua and geothermal drilling specialist Iceland Drilling Company (IDC) have signed a contract to drill additional wells at the San Jacinto-Tizate Geothermal Power plant in Nicaragua. In 2016, three new wells were drilled by the company and a workover conducted for four existing wells. The current drilling project started last month and already last […]

50 MW Bolivian solar project receives €11.5m from France

Bolivia’s largest solar plant just received an injection of funds from French Development Agency (AFD) for €11.5m financing. The funds are expected to be used to leverage additional financing for the 50MW Planta Solar Fotovoltaica Oruro. The plant is scheduled to come online in 2018. Bolivia’s state utility, Empresa Nacional de Energía (ENDE) has just […]

Argentina releases draft regulations on private PPAs

The Argentine Ministry of Energy and Mining last week published a draft of the regulation on private power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the country between renewable energy producers and large consumers. At present, the Wholesale Electricity Market Administration Company (CAMMESA) is the administrator and only customer of the wholesale electricity market in the country. Once […]

Chile, Mexico, Argentina set to take the lead over Brazil

A new report from Infiniti Research outlines Latin America’s ambitious plans for renewable energy as the region expects to install over 47 gigawatts of new capacity in wind energy alone over the next 10 years. Until recently, Brazil was the dominant player in Latin America’s wind power market, but political and economic instability will likely weaken […]

Chile releases new rules for renewables on public land

Chile’s Ministry of National Property has issued a new regulation for using state land for the development of projects in the renewable energies sector. The new provisions were published in the country’s Official Journal in May. According to PV Magazine, the new rules will also apply to projects that are already approved. The new provisions […]

13 finalists chosen for Latin American geothermal development facility

The Geothermal Development Facility (GDF) for Latin America has selected 13 finalists after the first run of expression of interests closed at the end of February 2017. Final grant approvals are anticipated for Q4 2017. The German government’s KfW Development Bank in conjunction with the European Union has launched the EUR55 million geothermal power fund […]