Nicaragua seeks $15m for geothermal project from Climate Investment Fund

Reported this week, the Nicaraguan Government together with the World Bank have sought the approval of $15 million from the Climate Investment Fund for Nicaragua’s Geothermal Development Plan. As reported by Energia Limpia XXI the Climate Investment Fund is now studying the approval of the bid for $15 million allocation in funds ($7.7 million in grant and […]

Peru’s construction of 750 MW hydropower facility on hold

Developer Odebrecht Energia del Peru has pulled a proposal for the 750-MW Rio Grande hydropower project from Peru’s General Directorate of Energy and Environmental Affairs. A notice from the agency, Direccion General de Asuntos Ambientales Energia (DGAAE), shows Odebrecht requested the environmental impact statement filed for the plant be removed, effectively stopping the project from advancing. Neither Odebrecht nor […]

Central America and Caribbean to invest $3.3b in smart grid infrastructure

Facing high electricity losses from theft and challenges incorporating renewable energy onto the grid, Central America and Caribbean region’s utilities will invest $3.3 billion in smart grid infrastructure over the next decade to address these challenges. With the support of international development agencies, several flagship projects are being developed and indicating a start of a growth […]

Argentina’s RenovAr projects await investors

Argentina’s RenovAr program is ambitious in scope, endeavoring to grow renewables to 20% of the national energy matrix by 2025. RenovAr held two energy auctions which resulted in 59 auctioned projects totaling 2.4 GW of new renewable capacity valued at $4 billion. However, many companies who bid for these projects are still in search of […]

Chile’s solar thermal power plant receives environmental approval

SolarReserve received environmental approval from the Chilean government to build the 390 MW solar thermal power station with 5.1 GW of energy storage. The Likana Solar Energy Project in the Antofagasta region of Chile will be able to deliver 390 MW of continuous output at a capacity factor equal to a fossil-fuel power plant. The project […]

Brazil approves resolution to create $750m renewables financing program

The Brazilian Senate has approved on Thursday a draft resolution (PRS 25/2017) that authorizes an external credit of $750 million for the financing of the country’s incentive program for renewables, Programa de Financiamento para Energia Sustentável. The additional funds, which will be provided by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) and the Inter-AmericanDevelopment Bank (IDB), will be […]

Mexico introduces electric vehicle Zacua, market ready in November

Mexico has designed an electric car specific to the needs of motorists in Mexican cities. The Zacua, a zero-emission coupe made by Motoros Limpios, is expected to be available for purchase in November starting at $24,500. It’s lithium-ion battery will charge in eight hours and has a 115 km range. The Zacua will not be […]

Nicaragua takes steps to build distributed energy market

Enatrel, Nicaragua’s state-owned grid operator is conducting a feasibility study for small-sized solar PV and wind power systems. Once assessed, the next steps will be installation of distributed generation for residential, commercial, industrial and government buildings. According to Enatrel, these installations will be able to sell excess power to the local grid. The government is […]

Chile’s transit system to be powered by renewable energy

Chile’s capital city is set to become home to one of the first subways in the world to source a majority of its power needs from renewable energy. Metro de Santiago, Latin America’s second largest subway system, will source 60 per cent of its energy from solar and wind projects. In a statement Metro de […]