Guyana plans clean energy transition

Early next year, Guyana expects to deliver its newly developed clean energy transition plan. Announced in Morocco at the COP22 meeting in a joint statement with Norway, Guyana will explore options for implementing clean energy including a facts-based consideration of the Amalia Falls Hydropower Project and all other possible renewable energy options. Read more here. 

Solar PV for Jamaica House point to bright future for renewables

Jamaica is cementing its position as a leader in the Caribbean renewable energy sector as it announces participation in the Solar Head of State coalition, which will see a 15kW grid-connected solar PV system at Jamaica House, home to the Office of the Prime Minister. “This project is symbolic of the renewable future we see […]

500+ delegates from 50+ countries attend CREF 2016!

In what was the largest event to date, over 500 delegates from over 50 countries gathered in Miami for the 2016 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum. Included in that number are senior government officials – including many government ministers – from 20 Caribbean countries and the vast majority of regional utilities. Click here to sign up for […]

The Power System in the Eye of the Storm: The Call for Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation in the Caribbean

This was written not long after Hurricane Matthew barreled through the Caribbean. It wreaked havoc across the east Caribbean islands, pounded Cuba and Jamaica, and had a devastating effect in Haiti, where nearly 1,000 people have tragically lost their lives.  Unfortunately, hurricanes and tropical storms are a common occurrence that Caribbean countries have to endure. […]

World Bank to Launch Report – The Power System in The Eye of The Storm – The Call for Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation in Belize – at CREF

The organizers of CREF are pleased to announce that The World Bank will launch a major new report at CREF examining Belize’s vulnerability to extreme weather events. The report, which explores the financial and economic implications for the grid, has contributed to the formulation and validation of potential solutions for the national utility, Belize Electricity […]

CREF Networking App Now Live!

We’re excited to announce that the CREF event app is now live! Once CREF attendees complete registration, the app is free to download and allows for a head-start on CREF networking and one-on-one meetings. The app will allow attendees to:  – Create a person profile and view the profiles of other attendees (300 confirmed and […]

Agustín Carbó, Chairman of Puerto Rico’s Energy Commission, Confirms Role at CREF ‘16

Agustín Carbó, the Chairman of the Puerto Rico Energy Commission, has confirmed that he will participate at CREF 2016. His confirmation follows news of the passage of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) which, after an extended period of uncertainty around Puerto Rico’s fiscal predicament, appears to pave the way for investment […]