Microgrids in the Caribbean: Nothing micro about the opportunity

Guest Editorial, written by Kaitlyn Bunker, Ph.D., Rocky Mountain Institute – Carbon War Room Energy systems around the world are witnessing a shift towards smaller, more sustainable, and more accessible electricity generation and connection options. Microgrids are at the center of this fundamental change, bringing new and innovative business models to the traditional energy model. […]

Belize: PPA signed for 16 MW biomass plant

Belize is getting a 16 MW biomass plant in a recent PPA signed between S.S. Energy Ltd. (SSEL) and Belize Electricity Limited. SSEL, a subsidiary of The Santander Sugar Group, will utilize bagasse, the bi-product of sugar cane, as a renewable power generation source. The energy produced by bagasse at The Santander Sugar Mill will be […]

The Power System in the Eye of the Storm: The Call for Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation in the Caribbean

This was written not long after Hurricane Matthew barreled through the Caribbean. It wreaked havoc across the east Caribbean islands, pounded Cuba and Jamaica, and had a devastating effect in Haiti, where nearly 1,000 people have tragically lost their lives.  Unfortunately, hurricanes and tropical storms are a common occurrence that Caribbean countries have to endure. […]

World Bank to Launch Report – The Power System in The Eye of The Storm – The Call for Energy Resilience and Climate Adaptation in Belize – at CREF

The organizers of CREF are pleased to announce that The World Bank will launch a major new report at CREF examining Belize’s vulnerability to extreme weather events. The report, which explores the financial and economic implications for the grid, has contributed to the formulation and validation of potential solutions for the national utility, Belize Electricity […]

Belize most vulnerable in Central America to sea level rise

Among small-island developing states in the Caribbean, Belize is the most likely to be impacted by climate change. The Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency financing to Belize’s private sector, with an offer of up to $200K per project for upgrades and installation. But Dr. Kenrick Leslie, Executive Director of […]

Danny Gutierrez appointed Belize’s first Ambassador to CARICOM

Belize’s newly appointed Ambassador to CARICOM, Danny Gutierrez, says that he is committed to making 2016 a year of action. “The hard work of our colleagues who diagnosed our hurdles and proposed a strategic plan must be matched by action… The best years of CARICOM lie ahead,” said Gutierrez in a statement released from Guyana. […]

Belize: Petroleum extraction continues to decline

Former Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities, Dr. Colin Young, reported that oil production in Belize is at an all-time low and will continue to decrease through 2024. According to the Statistical Institute of Belize, revenues from petroleum exports hit a high f $292 million in 2012 but […]

A Green Push in Belize

Belize joins the race by signing onto the ten island challenge and committing to cut down on carbon emissions by transitioning to 100% clean energy.