Renewable energy makes economic sense for DR, says AES Dominica CEO

Natural gas development in the Dominican Republic gets a second take from AES Dominicana president Edwin De los Santos. While recent initiatives supported by international stakeholders would see natural gas development in the northwest region of the DR, De los Santos believes “it is not very strategic”. The United States and the Energy and Mines Ministry recently agreed to finance a feasibility study to install a natural gas terminal in the northern region of the country and the possible installation of some 1,000 megawatts based on that fuel.

Quoted by El Dia, De los Santos considers it more viable for clean energy, such as solar and wind, to be invested in the northwest area. “Installing, for example, 400 megawatts and a natural gas terminal would be an inefficient investment that the population would eventually have to pay.”

When asked if AES would participate in a tender to produce energy in the northwest based on natural gas, De los Santos said that “for now” they don’t see economic sense. “What we see as economic sense in that region is renewable energy.”