Caribbean Clean Energy: Taking the Regional Pulse

From our Editorial Team

In advance of CREF 2019, New Energy Events hosted a webinar that gathered a panel of experts and took a tour of the Caribbean clean energy markets.

To listen to this complimentary webinar now click here.

The discussion provided critical insights such as:

  • What are the standout projects of the past 12 months and what were the success criteria?
  • How deep is the current pipeline and which projects do our panelists have their eyes on?
  • E-mobility is in the headlines but is it taking off. Where, why, what are the opportunities, and the roadblocks?
  • Is C&I taking off? Which markets are incentivizing DG and where are opportunities emerging?
  • Has the region figured out how to pay for energy storage?
  • What is the future for geothermal in the eastern Caribbean?
  • Has the call for resiliency post-Irma and Maria changed the way in which the region has invested in generation and T&D?


— Dr. Cletus Bertin, Executive Director, CARILEC
— Chris Burgess, Director of Projects – Islands Energy Program, Rocky Mountain Institute
— Bruce Levy, CEO, BMR Energy
— Angella Rainford, Managing Director, Rekamniar Frontier Ventures
— Tom├ís J. Torres-Placa MPL, PE, LPP,  Executive Director, Puerto Rico Institute for a Competitive and Sustainable Economy and Board Member, PREPA