2nd Puerto Rico Grid Revitalization & Investment Forum

Verdanza Hotel
  San Juan, Puerto Rico

Responding to renewed urgency for energy stability and resilience in Puerto Rico

Since the launch of PR-GRID in May, Puerto Rico’s energy system has continued to deteriorate. The legacy of Hurricane Maria lingers in daily power outages and households that are still without electricity. The country’s energy utility, PREPA, has been plagued by board upheaval. It is a predicament which demands direction, and yet it remains unclear which federal or state agency is at the helm.

Now, more than ever, stakeholders are clamoring for a modernized and resilient grid that can withstand another disaster. Increasingly there is a call for decentralized and distributed solutions. PRMA, the largest association of private sector companies in Puerto Rico and the co-host of PR-GRID II, is leading that charge.

From international investors, there continues to be substantial interest in investment. There is an emerging consensus that innovation in distributed energy and storage has the potential to transform the country’s grid. But how do all the players – international players, and Puerto Rican commercial and municipal off-takers – navigate the uncertain landscape? What are the rules, and how will they be applied? What financing is available for projects and on what terms?

Working alongside PRMA, we convene PR-GRID II to bring clarity to the planning and funding of Puerto Rico’s grid revitalization. PR-GRID II is also conceived as a new marketplace where commercial and industrial customers meet with developers of  the technologies that will shape Puerto Rico’s energy future—microgrids, mini-grids, solar and storage, and mini LNG solutions.

Join us in January for PR-GRID II in San Juan to get a full picture of Puerto Rico’s needs, meet key Puerto Rican stakeholders, and explore opportunities for investment and engagement.



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Verdanza Hotel

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