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Mexico Rolls Out Major Players for GEOLAC

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GEOLAC to feature "launch" workshop on GDF Fund


In the wake of a record year for GEOLAC in 2015, we are excited to announce that the 4th Annual Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (GEOLAC) will be hosted in Mexico, a dynamic energy market, one rich in geothermal, and one with a clear roadmap to future development. GEOLAC 2017 is co-hosted by the World Bank Group.

GEOLAC 2017 will explore the prospects for regional geothermal in an era of historically low renewable costs. Prices for solar and wind PPAs are smashing records region-wide. How is this impacting geothermal development? Are governments valuing geothermal appropriately given its ability to deliver firm capacity? How do developers view the regional markets vs. geothermal markets world-wide?

Working alongside our development partners, led by the World Bank Group, GEOLAC 2017 will gather key stakeholders – governments, utilities, multilaterals, developers, capital providers, and other providers of expertise – to explore opportunities for increased geothermal output, tackle obstacles to development, promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and facilitate vital new meetings and relationships.

Ultimately, GEOLAC will serve to catalyze the development of world-class geothermal projects in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Event Highlights

  • Caribbean geothermal countries line up for GEOLAC

    Three of the Caribbean’s top contenders for “first past the geothermal post” – Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent & the Grenadines – have confirmed their participation in GEOLAC. A recent New Energy Events article flagged the strides made by Dominica in the past 12 months, progress which will be showcased […]

  • Hajime Takeuchi, JICA’s Director General for LAC, Confirms for GEOLAC

    Hajime Takeuchi, the Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has confirmed he will participate in GEOLAC 2017. JICA’s perspective, as one of the biggest financiers of geothermal across the region, is particularly germane to broader discussions at GEOLAC this year […]

  • CFE Joins SENER on GEOLAC '17 Agenda

    Magaly Flores, head of Mexico’s Comision Federal de Electricidad’s (CFE) geothermal program, has confirmed she will participate as a speaker at GEOLAC 2017. CFE is leading the charge for geothermal development in Mexico and holds a number of concessions and exploration permits. In July 2015, CFE put out […]




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Market News

  • Grenada receives grant for geothermal development

    The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a grant of US $231,630 to the Government of Grenada to build its capacity for planning and implementation of its geothermal energy development roadmap. The resources are from the Global Environment Facility through the Inter-American Development […]

  • How Dominica has breathed new life into its geothermal project

    Dominica’s long-standing efforts to develop its geothermal resource have been well documented. Nearly a decade ago an exploratory drilling program confirmed the existence of a viable high temperature resource. Since then, Dominica’s bid to harness its geothermal has seen highs and lows but ultimately the project at […]

  • IRENA round up of geothermal in Latin America

    In a report published late last year, IRENA provides a great overview on renewable energy deployment in Latin America. While geothermal energy does not play a tremendously large role in the overall energy supply in the region, it plays an important role in some of the countries in the region […]