Optimizing geothermal production across Latin America: An interview with the President and CEO of Toshiba America, Inc.

At the 10th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (GEOLAC 2023) held in November 2023, PiensaGeothermia sat down with Ken Takagi, President and CEO of Toshiba America, Inc., to discuss how Toshiba plans to support the development of the regional geothermal market.

In terms of Toshiba’s offering, Takagi highlighted in particular the innovative ‘Geoportable™,’ a small-scale geothermal power generation plant that showcases Toshiba’s cutting-edge technology. Takagi elaborated on the plant’s capacity, ranging from 1 or 2 MW to around 20 MW, emphasizing its ability to start generating electricity as soon as steam resources are available during initial exploratory well drilling and equipment installation. He noted that the plant could be installed and operated in the early stages of development to assess steam resources and plant conditions, laying a foundation for the construction of large-scale power plants further down the line.

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