Wind farm in Dominican Republican enters into commission

A 50MW wind farm in the Dominican Republic started operations last week.

This project, the Agua Clara wind farm, is equipped with 25 wind turbines of 2MW each. Agua Clara will be supplying electricity from clean and renewable energy sources to over 250 000 households.

The wind farm was developed by Inkia Energy Ltd on a 120 hectare site, and was made possible through an investment of USD 103 million.

With a further 50 MW coming from this new wind farm, the Dominican Republic reaches 406 MW of renewable power. Current plans for expansion will see the wind farm reach 200MW.

This project is one many the Dominican Republic is successfully undertaking to add further energy generation from wind sources. A further four wind farms, which total over 170MW will become operational this year. In the solar energy sector, 75MW of photovoltaic farms are expected to become operations before December of this year.