Webinar – Puerto Rico: Bracing for Hurricane Season

From our Editorial Team

Is Puerto Rico’s grid ready for the 2020 hurricane season? Join key stakeholders for a webinar to find out. Experts discuss current preparations, including efforts to bring the Costa Sur plant back online, and the implications of Covid-19 and a potentially heavy hurricane season.

To watch this complimentary webinar, click here.

We hear from a panel of experts that cover critical issues such as:

  • How are preparations for hurricane season shaping up and are we better prepared than in previous years?
  • How concerned should we be about the loss of generation from the Costa Sur plant?
  • What is the status of plans to replace that generation?
  • How are municipalities readying for the months ahead?
  • Will Covid-19 or the prospect of a heavy hurricane season impact the T&D concessionaire contract?

Webinar panelists:

  • Hon. Eduardo Bhatia-Gautier – Minority Leader, Senate of Puerto Rico
  • Jesús Bolinaga – Caribbean Complex Director, AES
  • Jennifer DeCesaro – Director, Recovery & Resilience, US Department of Energy
  • Fernando Padilla – Director, Project Management Office, PREPA
  • Tomás J. Torres-Placa – Executive Director, ICSE-PR (moderator)

To watch this complimentary webinar, click here.