Waste to energy technology deployed in Guatemalan brewery

Cervercería Centro Americana (CCA), a brewery in Guatemala, is using Global Water & Energy (GWE)’s waste to energy technologies to convert wastewater to biogas.

This method will increase the brewery’s environmental performance, reduce fossil fuel dependence and costs, improve the quality of organic matter removal, and may provide an additional profit to the company, as the biogas produced may be used to power the boilers and any overflow be sold back to the grid.

The newly rebranded Global Water Enginneering has installed over 400 of these waste to energy systems in 62 countries, and estimate that these plants pay for themselves within 2-5 years of installation, and then continue to generate profit.

“In addition to the ongoing financial benefit and short ROI of the new wastewater treatment plant and its green energy generating potential, the compact plant also utilizes existing space within the brewery, which means that no extra land will need to be purchased to deal with wastewater,” says said GWE Chairman and CEO Jean-Pierre Ombregt.

Mr.  Ombregt also added: “CCA has many choices in order to reuse the biogas, but typical uses that benefit our customers in breweries, food processing, and other industries include Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units or other direct combustion systems such as boilers, turbines, or fuel cells. Where these options aren’t available, companies often opt to generate green energy and sell it back to the grid for a profit.”