Webinar: A New Era of Investment in Caribbean Infrastructure

From our Editorial Team

To set the stage for the 2nd Caribbean Infrastructure Forum (CARIF) held on December 11-12 in Montego Bay, New Energy Events and IJGlobal are exploring the investment climate in infrastructure across the Caribbean. 

This webinar was held on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Webinar topics include:

– Investor & financier perspectives on opportunities for Caribbean infrastructure: which markets and which sectors are showing most promise?

– How has the devastation of Irma and Maria changed the market for infrastructure investment and development? Is this a long-term trend?

– How is the risk profile of the region changing and how is that impacting financing costs and investor appetite?

To watch this complimentary webinar now click here.

Webinar panelists:

– Adam Carter, Managing Director, Investment Banking, CIBC FirstCaribbean

– Monica La Bennett, Vice President, Operations, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

– Simon Townend, Head, Islands Group KPMG

– Jon Whiteaker, Editor-in-Chief, IJGlobal (Moderator)