Undersea cables to provide clean and reliable electricity to Caribbean island

Caye Caulker island will be connected to Belize’s national electricity grid using submarine cables. This system will be allow the island to have access to stable electricity from renewable sources.

The project will be financed by the Caribbean Development Bank through a USD 6.8 million loan, which was approved yesterday by the CDB’s Board of Directors.

“CDB’s loan will boost renewable energy usage, reduce drastically the cost of energy, and make gains for the environment in the island,” said Daniel Best, CDB Director of the Projects Department.

Caye Caulker Island is a well-known tourist destination off the coast of Belize, and all electricity on the island is currently produced Diesel generator.

The 10.4km submarine cable will allow the island to switch to 50% renewable energy consumption, replacing 730 000 gallons of imported diesel. Costs of energy on the island will also decrease by half.

This new infrastructure will therefore allow for a cleaner, less costly and stable source of energy for Caye Caulker, Belize.