Startup provides solar energy in rural Haiti

RE-VOLT is on a mission to bring affordable and reliable solar energy in rural Haiti and is running a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the expansion of its service to bring power to the people in rural Haitian homes for the first time.

Customers, who are charged a low monthly fee of 250 Haitian Gourdes (about US$5) and pay for the service through Digicel’s proprietary Mon Cash mobile banking platform, are provided with installation of a system consisting of a solar panel, a control / power storage unit, several lights and a phone charger. Founded by Digicel Haiti chairman, Maarten Boute, RE-VOLT currently serves over 800 customer households, or about 4,000 people, on the island of La Gonave, one of the most isolated and impoverished communities in Haiti.

solar energy in rural Haiti


RE-VOLT co-founder Darragh Dolan says, “there have been massive advances in both the quality of available technologies and their affordability. A few years ago the economics of RE-VOLT wouldn’t have made sense. Today, this is a viable business model.”

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