Stalled St. Vincent and the Grenadines geothermal project ready for next phase

St. Vincent Geothermal Company Ltd and Jardboranir hf. (Icelandic Drilling Company), have signed a contract to drill four wells for the on-going geothermal project on the Caribbean island. This is the fifth drilling contract that the Icelandic company has undertaken in the Caribbean.

The wells will supply steam for the St. Vincent geothermal power plant that the St. Vincent company is constructing.

This 10MW geothermal power plant will allow the island to decrease its dependency on imported diesel, and provide an affordable and clean energy source which takes advantage of the island’s natural resources.

The plant is expected to be commissioned in 2020. Once the plant enters into operation, it will provide all of the country’s baseload power. It will also bring St. Vincent’s energy mix to 73% of power generated by renewable sources, meeting its 60% of renewable energy sources by 2020 goal.