Peter George

Trent Ltd.

Peter George, a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, founded Trent Restaurants in 1999. It has since become the largest privately owned Restaurant management company in Trinidad with multiple units in both Trinidad and Barbados and one currently under development in Jamaica. In 2008 a group led by Peter as a major shareholder acquired Linda’s Bakery Ltd, a family owned bakery. Since then it has grown from 4 stores to 21 and has seen its revenue grow 1600% and its workforce grow from 63 to 596. He was also seed developer in several retail focused businesses including SuperPharm.

In 2013 Peter formed a VC fund, Avatar Capital, which aimed to facilitate specific businesses that were in need of angel capital. The focus was on business ideas that had the potential to disrupt existing legacy models and provide opportunities for those individuals to grow those concepts. The funds first and major investment was in Barbadian Blockchain startup Bitt Inc.

He currently serves as Chairman of the board of Avatar Capital, Linda’s Bakery Ltd, Bitt Inc., and Novelty Curve, an embryo development firm focusing on assisting Blockchain entities. He is a firm believer in both Blockchain and digital currencies as the future, and was an early adopter of Bitcoin since 2013. He also serve on the board of directors of Digital Asset Fund, the first fund focusing solely on digital assets. He is also a frequent contributor on both digital and legacy media for local and regional matters.

Peter was educated in Clifton College in the UK and Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He is an avid student of politics, history and philosophy and enjoys traveling, reading, music and food.