Spain’s Gamesa wins huge solar project in Honduras

Spanish company Gamesa Electric continues to expand global operations with a major solar project in Honduras. The company will deliver solar power stations to Honduras in early 2016 and commission a bid for  supply and control of  53.31 MW of renewable energy in the second quarter of the year. Gamesa Electric has now reinforced its presence in South America:

“This project is signed two and a half months after our former 50MW DC plant in the Philippines and adds to the 32 MW in Panama, 23.5 MW in UK and 10 MW in India recently announced by the company, which joins to a total accumulated order backlog of more than 275 MW in the last one and a half year,” the company said in a statement.

Honduran grid code requirements for the complete PV plant, including P-Q commands, Voltage and power factor regulation and Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT), will be managed by the Gamesa Power Plant Controller (PPC). Commands will be received from the Honduras National Grid Operator, and through a real-time controller, will send communication signals to the Gamesa PV inverters to fulfill the received command in the Point of Common Coupling (PCC).

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