Proposed new energy strategy for Saint Lucia

The Government of St. Lucia (GoSL) has developed a new strategy to address clean energy on the Caribbean Island. A study, along with independent analysis from the Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room (RMW-CWR), and the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), have identified opportunities for new investments and ownership structures to benefit customers.

The strategy must have the support of LUCELEC, St. Lucia’s existing energy utility, as the highest degree of utility ownership facilitates the lowest cost of operating the system. The strategy explores energy resource options ranging from thermal power plants to innovative renewable sources. A variety of ownership models include independent power producers, the utility, and homeowners and businesses.

Findings from the study determined that an economically optimal system is a portfolio of solar, wind, energy storage, energy efficiency, and existing diesel generation methods. Both GoSL and LUCELEC have identified a need and opportunity to improve the resiliency and cost-effectiveness of the electricity sector, in order to deliver optimal benefits to the country as a whole.

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