Progress on plans for Cayman Islands’ ocean energy plant

OTEC International LLC (OTI) is still in talks with the Cayman Islands Government about the development of an ocean thermal conversion plant.

The project would be the first commercial operation of its kind in the world. This technology offers clean electricity generation, and is particularly suitable to the Caribbean region, with its tropical climate and deep waters.

The company is in discussion with Ofreg, the Cayman Islands’ Utility Regulation and Competition Office, and the Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) to finalise the terms of an agreement.

“We are excited to be the first to commercialise ocean thermal energy conversion technology and to bring it to the Cayman Islands”, said Ms. Eileen O’Rourke, President of OTI and its subsidiary, Cayman OTI. “We continue to be grateful to the Cayman Islands Government for their interest in developing this innovative and forward-thinking sustainable energy option in Cayman.”