Officials embark on study tour of Belize’s energy sites

The Belize Minister responsible for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities will be hosting a group of CARICOM officials for a study tour of energy sites in Belize.

The tour included visits to the Vaca Dam, currently in its third phase of the Macal Hydroelectric Project, the Santander Biomass Power Plant, the La Gracia Smart Solar Off Grid System, and the Belize Electricity Limited Submarine Cable System off Ambergris Caye, one of very few such system amongst countries in the region. The tour illustrates the wide diversity of renewable energy projects in the country, and the potential and benefits of their use in tandem.

The visits underlined Belize’s success in its transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Currently, around 60% of the country’s electricity grid is supplied from renewable and clean sources.

Belize can serve as an interesting case study, and an example of best practices in the energy sector, for the economies of CARICOM.