Nicaragua seeks to increase electrification to rural areas

The European Union opened today in Nicaragua the call for projects under the Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI), which seeks to bring electricity to disadvantaged sectors.

“ElectriFI has at this moment an open call for the presentation of investment proposals. Nicaragua is one of the eligible countries, “said the European Union delegation based in Managua.

The call aims to “address the energy needs of populations living mainly in rural and underserved areas and in areas affected by unreliable energy supply” in the 161 eligible countries this year, the European Union said.

“ElectriFI encourages the adoption of renewable energy, with an emphasis on decentralized energy solutions,” he added.

The initiative, sponsored by the European Union, seeks to “unblock, accelerate and take advantage of investments that increase or improve access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, providing support at all stages of the economic cycle,” according to the call.

ElectriFI will accept proposals from developers or investors, partners, contractors or other types of companies. These may submit two applications, although the European Union will not fund more than one project per applicant.

ElectriFI allocates up to 10 million euros ($ 10.5 million) to “economically positive” projects. The call will be closed on March 8.

Source: The Press Graph via 4E