New policies needed to stimulate hydrogen energy industry

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) just published a report on hydrogen’s potential impact in the energy market. The report finds that, despite the growing importance and demand for renewables as an energy source, transport and industry will still require combustible fuels in the foreseeable future. Hydrogen can meet such needs –and it can be produced from renewables, providing a clean energy alternative in the fields of transport, industry, buildings and more.

As these technologies reach maturity, the report finds, hydrogen presents itself as the ‘missing link’ in the energy transition as actual scale-up would yield significant cost reductions.

The report emphasises the role of government and public actors, as a renewed policy and regulatory framework remains “crucial to stimulate the private investment in hydrogen production in the first place”.

In French Guiana, HDF is building a solar hydrogen hybrid energy storage project. The project is backed by EUR 90 million.