Nevis geothermal resource ranks in top six reservoirs in the world

Nevis’ geothermal resource is being characterized as one of the top six geothermal reservoirs in the world. Thermal Energy Partner’s Big-Data Analytics approach (that determined Nevis as a commercial-grade resource) was confirmed by GeothermEx’s team during a recently completed geothermal flow and injection test. GeothermEx says its findings confirm the requisite temperature and flow necessary for a sustainable supply of geothermal energy on Nevis and the reservoir has been classified as high-grade commercial quality. Temperatures were recorded at 492F (255 C) at a depth of approximately 3,000’ and the company anticipates drilling the production wells to 4,000’.

For St. Kitts and Nevis, TEP’s team predicted a very high-grade of commercial quality resource that not only can be used as base-load electricity for Nevis but can be exported to other islands.