More than 60% of the energy in El Salvador comes from clean and renewable source

Renewable energies are now the principal source of electricity generation in El Salvador.

More than 60% of the energy produced in the country comes from clean and renewable sources, largely thanks to the “diversification of the national’s energy matrix” and the development and “introduction of solar, wind, biomass, biogas and hydroelectric energy sources”, announced the President’s Office.

Furthermore, the total capacity of the electricity sector has increased by 31,4% from 2014 to 2018.

Recent projects that should be highlighted include various solar power installations, such as the  101MW solar PV plant in El Rosario, as well as the 50MW Ventus wind energy project which will enter into commission in 2020.

The country has also seen a steady flow of financing for its renewable energy projects, as illustrated by Neoen’s recent financing for a 141MW solar power and storage project, and the BID’s USD 20 million loan for renewable energy projects led by Salvadoran small and medium companies.