Montserrat and St. Lucia to take part in renewable energy expertise sharing platform

The UK-based Institute for Environmental Analytics recently announced its plans to share and develop its renewable energy analytics and satellite weather data platform (RE-SAT) to six island states, including two in the Caribbean.

Montserrat and St. Lucia, as well as four other island states in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, will be able to use the technology to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The scheme was successfully piloted in the Seychelles after an investment of £2.9 million (approx. USD 3.7 million) from the UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme.

The RE-SAT platform allows used to: explore and define the best renewable energy mix; plan where to locate different renewable energy infrastructure; Assess the potential financial visibility of renewable energy investments; and estimate power production and variability, taking into account seasonal weather patterns.

Various stakeholders are involved in this information and technology sharing project, including government ministries, utility companies, energy regulators and the UN Development Programme. This involvement aims to tailor the platform to the needs of each state, and provide sound data for informed decision-making by policy-makers and industry.