Mexico and US sign framework for cross-border electricity market

Mexico and the US may soon be connected by more than just a border, as the US Energy Secretary met with Mexican Energy Department to start building a framework for a cross-border electricity market.

Ernest Moniz was in Mexico over the weekend to sign a framework agreement on principles aimed at recreating a similar electricity market shared between the US and Canada. Moniz said the potential already exists for a mutually beneficial relationship.

“Mexico has excellent renewable resources, and on the southern (US) border, those states all have ambitious renewable targets,” he said. Wind turbines in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula have sent power to the U.S. grid, and Mexico has also started to rely on imports of U.S. natural gas to lower emissions of their electric generation plants.

“You’ll probably see more renewables flowing north … and more gas flowing south,” Moniz said.

Mexican Energy Department officials said the new framework would be overseen or implemented by the NERC, The North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

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