Martinique makes strides towards energy self-sufficiency

With the 14MW Grand-Rivière wind park inaugurated last month, and further projects on the way, Martinique has been making strides towards achieving its goal of being energy self-sufficient by relying on renewable energy by 2030.

The Grand-Rivière wind park counts seven wind turbines, and will provide electricity to 10 000 homes – 5% of the island’s population.

Further wind energy projects are already in planning stages, in the communities of Macouba and Ajoupa Bouillon. These two projects will bring the electricity produced by wind to 36MW.

Geothermal projects are also under consideration, announced Louis Boutrin of Martinique’s Executive Council.

“We will be at 53% of electricity produced from renewable sources by the end of 2023”, said Franck Robine, Prefect of Martinique. “But the objective that has been fixed at a national level is that Martinique achieve complete self-sufficiency and produce 100% of its electricity from renewables by 2030. We have had a rapid transition, as we had only achieved 7% of renewable energy sources in 2018”.