Leclanché to provide advanced battery technology for Canadian Pacific’s hydrogen-powered locomotive project

Leclanche announced it will provide its proprietary battery technology to Canadian Pacific for its innovative Hydrogen Locomotive Program. The breakthrough project is an entry into the freight-rail market that includes more than 45,000 diesel locomotives in North America and G5 European countries.The CP hydrogen-powered locomotive pioneering project, first announced in December 2020, will retrofit a line-haul diesel freight locomotive with hydrogen fuel cells and Leclanché’s European manufactured lithium-ion batteries to power the locomotive’s electric traction motors. Leclanché will also provide its proprietary energy management software for optimum integration. The project is designed to evaluate the combined technologies’ readiness for the freight rail sector. Once the locomotive is operational, CP will conduct rail service trials and qualification testing. CP operates a 21,000-km (13,000-mile) rail network across Canada and the U.S. that serves deep-water ports on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.