Jamaica building islandwide EV charging network

Emanuel DaRosa, the outgoing president and CEO of Jamaica Public Service, JPS, will leave as the company starts setting up an islandwide electric vehicle-charging station network.

“This year, you will be able to travel all across the island and never be more than 40 kilometres from a charging station. EVs will transform our lives as they already have a lower cost of operation and, with dropping vehicle prices, will, in the near future, be the lower cost option to purchase,” said DaRosa in response to Financial Gleaner queries.

When completed, it would add a new revenue stream to the utility. Going forward, as EVs grow in popularity, the issue of the transitioning of light theft from households to vehicles will putatively become a challenge for JPS. For the moment, DaRosa said that the company has sought to manage light theft at some establishments but has not been able to minimise it.