Infrastructure deal could significantly improve life in U.S. territories, Puerto Rico

On August 11, the Senate voted 69-30 for HR 3684—a landmark piece of bipartisan infrastructure legislation. Allotting $1.2 trillion to long-term infrastructure improvements, it represents a comprehensive national plan for revamping the United States’s transport, water, energy, housing, and internet systems. The promises created by the new infrastructure deal hold immense relevance for the US territories. In April, Puerto Rico’s infrastructure received a score of “D-” on the White House’s state infrastructure Fact Sheet—the lowest in the country. The score ranking emphasizes Puerto Rico’s existing transportation challenges. In the territory, 282 bridges and over 1,492 miles of highway exist in “poor condition.” HR 3684 allocates $900,000,000 for the Puerto Rico highway system, including financing for road rebuilding, public transportation investment, bridge repair and replacement, and electric vehicle charging.