Haiti’s new hybrid solar smart grid is largest in Caribbean

Haiti’s new hybrid smart grid project is up and running, and is already providing 450 kW of clean energy to facilities including a school, a hospital and a car repair shop. Together with the Biohaus Foundation, NPH Germany (a local charity organization), will use this hybrid smart-grid to power all of its facilities in the Haitian capital city Port-au-Prince.

The lithium-ion batteries come from Berlin technology company Qinous, while the solar modules are imported from both Venezuela and Mexico. Inverters are provided by Bonfiglioli Germany, and measurement equipment is provided by Hanover based Solargy.


Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse, who has been in office for seven months recently announced an extremely ambitious energy policy program. Within 24 months, the country is to be completely electrified using solar, and high import tariffs on PV products are to be removed.