Haiti releases RFQ for power grid, and solar and LNG plants

The Haiti National Regulation Authority for Energy has just released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the concession of one of the country’s power grid currently operated by EDH, the state’s electric utility.

The RFQ is a collaboration between Energy Cell MTPTC and EDH, and was developed with the support of USAID, the US international development agency.

This power grid, Miragoane Grid, will cover seven cities. It currently services 15 000 customers, and plans would see the grid power up to 65 000 customers after 5 years.

The concessions will be for 20 years and will see the new selected operator finance, build, and operate a 6MW solar plant, and a 25.5MW LNG plant.

Proposals for other innovative energy generation mix will also be considered.

The current reform initiative of ANARSE has three main objectives:

    -Increase access to electricity in rural areas through the development of mini-grids. 

    -A modernization of the regional networks currently managed by EDH through the transfer to the private sector of the operation of certain networks.

    -The increase of production capacity in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince from independent power generation projects by private operators. The metropolitan network of Port-au-Prince will continue to be operated by EDH.