Roseane Oliveira de Medeiros

Government of the State of Ceara
Secretary of State for International Relations

A highly skilled professional specializing in sustainable economic development, distinguished by her innovative approach to public policy and her knack for attracting strategic investments. Her international academic credentials, earned from prestigious institutions, enhance her impressive career in the business sector, highlighted by her influential presence at major international events. Renowned for her adeptness in articulation and negotiation, she has played a pivotal role in securing numerous international agreements aimed at fostering sustainable mutual development. She boasts an exceptional expertise in diplomatic relations, sustaining meaningful connections with global partners and showcasing outstanding proficiency in navigating the complex landscape of international relations.

She has a solid academic background, with a Master’s in Structural Engineering from Pontificia Universidade Católica – PUC RJ, and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Universidade Federal do Ceará – UFC. In her career, she stands out as the Secretary of International Relations for the State of Ceará, where she coordinates international initiatives for development and investment attraction. Previously, she served as the Executive Secretary of Industry at SEDET for four years, focusing on industrial competitiveness and market expansion. She was the CEO at CV Couros e Peles Ltda, responsible for business management and international market expansion. She held the position of Managing Partner at JR Medeiros Engenheiros SS Ltd. and was a Professor at the University of Fortaleza – UNIFOR.

In addition to her executive career, she maintains significant involvement in supplementary activities. She currently holds the position of Vice-President of Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará – FIEC, a role she has occupied since 2019. Within the same institution, she has served as a director, chaired the Council of International Relations, and led SINDCOUROS for over 6 years. She is a co-author of publications on regional development.

Fluent in English and possessing intermediate proficiency in both Spanish and French, she harbors a profound interest in crafting public policies, driving the expansion of international businesses, and pioneering in the realms of innovation and strategic business planning.